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Phantom - Sigil of Destruction

Sigil of Destruction

Sigil of Destruction Lyrics

Black candle estate
Fate architects lament the dead
Condemned theological treason
Decapitated by the gods of blasphemy

Destruction of heresy
Destruction by flame
Harvest the ashes
Forbidden sanctity
Imperious destruction
Into the dark fortress

Messianic defiler
Kill the apostate

Sigil of Destruction Track Info

Track name: Sigil of Destruction
Album: Divine Necromancy
Band: Phantom

Vocals: Phantom
Guitars: Phantom
Bass: Phantom
Drums: Phantom
Lyrics: Phantom
Guitar tracks: Phantom
Music: Phantom
Production: Phantom

Release Date: 31 October 2013
Label: The Satan Records
International Distribution: The Satan Records

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