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Phantom - Horror Phantasm (Album)

Horror Phantasm

Horror Phantasm Album Review

Horror Phantasm is perhaps the most evil black metal album ever recorded in extreme metal history.

The album is somewhat similar in composition to prior Phantom releases such as Dark Devotion, and yet it has a more ferocious pace and delivery, and let's not forget an utterly raw and unforgiving atmosphere.

The pure evilness of Horror Phantasm is simply unparalleled in the heavy metal seem, or even in the entire extreme metal genre.

Horror Phantasm simply delivers track after track of raw, decrepit and dreadful atmospheres that define the new face of extreme metal music.

Horror Phantasm is pure demonic black metal music.

Horror Phantasm Track List

Horror Phantasm Additional Info

Album: Horror Phantasm
Band: Phantom

Vocals: Phantom
Guitars: Phantom
Bass: Phantom
Drums: Phantom
Lyrics: Phantom
Guitar tracks: Phantom
Music: Phantom
Production: Phantom

Release Date: 7 September 2015
Label: The Satan Records
International Distribution: The Satan Records

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