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SEWER - A Sword Of Ages

A Sword Of Ages

A Sword Of Ages Lyrics

Drowning in the blood of the holy
He reaches for the sword
The steel made not from fire but from blackness
War for the beast, war for the sacred

They try to halt him with promises
Of peace and arcane opulence
The pact in blood with the great oppressor
Binds his will and ties him to the void

Starvation of the wicked
Blessed be the destroyer of our enemy

In the shadow of the pentagram
He sees through the eyes of the master
He kills with the hands of god

A Sword Of Ages Track Info

Track name: A Sword Of Ages
Album: Satanic Requiem

Vocals: Vermin
Guitars: Reaper
Bass: Plague
Drums: Warlord
Lyrics: Vermin
Guitar tracks: Reaper & Warlord
Music: Reaper & Warlord
Production: Reaper & Warlord

Release Date: 26 November 2013
Label: The Satan Records
International Distribution: The Satan Records

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