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SEWER - Satanic Requiem

Satanic Requiem

Satanic Requiem Lyrics

I kneel before you preacher of the void
Lord of sheep and master of goats
Bringer of triumph and chaos
May you feed me the bones of Moloch

Under the wrath of sea and land
The winds of twilight desecrate our souls

While the satanic chants wake the sleeping moutains
While the skies turn black from your funeral invocation
The bestial voices of malediction echo through our lands

Destroy our enemies and feed me their flesh
Vomit the ashes of the heavens on our shores

A requiem for the Black Vulture
The god that lets us indulge
In manslaughter and ritualistic necrophagia
Your faith flayed upon my skin
Your gospel written in my blood

Satanic Requiem Track Info

Track name: Satanic Requiem
Album: Satanic Requiem

Vocals: Vermin
Guitars: Reaper
Bass: Nazarene
Drums: Warlord
Lyrics: Vermin
Guitar tracks: Reaper & Warlord
Music: Reaper & Warlord
Production: Reaper & Warlord

Release Date: 26 November 2013
Label: The Satan Records
International Distribution: The Satan Records

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