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SEWER - The Grave And The Cross

The Grave And The Cross

The Grave And The Cross Lyrics

A quest for absolution through slaughter
Between death and oblivion
Reminiscent memories of a past time
Misunderstood and ignored by the heretics

Winds of heresy, altered by dreams of freedom
The strain of decadence in man
Lambs of heresy, breed from the mindless cult
The pentagram has spoken

The sentence for defiance and feeble faith
Death by the stake, by the hands of Satan
The Black Vulture our lord and minister

Evangelical punishment for those who defy him
Ineffable glory for those who serve the will of his altar
They will serve him to the grave and beyond

For his sermon is not of peace but of genocide
Hail Satan
The Grave and the Cross

The Grave And The Cross Track Info

Track name: The Grave And The Cross
Album: Satanic Requiem

Vocals: Vermin
Guitars: Reaper
Bass: Nazarene
Drums: Warlord
Lyrics: Vermin
Guitar tracks: Reaper & Warlord
Music: Reaper & Warlord
Production: Reaper & Warlord

Release Date: 26 November 2013
Label: The Satan Records
International Distribution: The Satan Records

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